Saturday, March 31, 2007

Publicity for CVGS CDROM of Glen Abbey Cemetery

I posted back in August about the Chula Vista Genealogical Society CD-ROM of the guests resting at Glen Abbey Memorial Park in Bonita (near Chula Vista in southern San Diego County). CVGS has the CD-ROM for sale at the web site (

We wrote up an article for our newsletter about "how we did it," and passed it to Joan Lowrey, the editor of COMPU-GEN, the wonderful quarterly newsletter for the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD). Joan reviewed the CD-ROM contents and wrote up a review for COMPU-GEN, in addition to reprinting our article in the March issue of COMPU-GEN.

Joan also submitted the article and her review to the California State Genealogical Alliance CSGA Newsletter (edited by Peggy Rossi), and it was published in their March-April 2007 issue.

CVGS really appreciates the opportunity to inform the readers of COMPU-GEN and the CSGA Newsletter about our efforts, and we hope it helps other societies step out and perform similar volunteer efforts to document cemetery or other records. We are very thankful to Joan Lowrey and Peggy Rossi for the publicity, also.

If other societies or libraries would like to purchase a CDROM, please contact CVGS through the web site ( We would be happy to consult with any other society wishing advice about "how to do it" also.

Can my well-informed readers tell me where else we can obtain publicity for our CD-ROM? I posted notes to the message boards and mailing lists for San Diego County, but the posts were deleted because they promoted a commercial product (my bad - I didn't know that!).


Anonymous said...

I only have one relative buried in Glen Abbey so I'm not sure that there will be much information I need. Is there a place to request a look up from it? My great grandmother, Maude M. Rury, who died in 1964 is supposedly buried there. Thank you for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information, it is helpful.