Saturday, June 16, 2007

RootsTube videos

Some time ago, RootsTelevision asked people to send in short videos about their families, their ancestry, or other related family history topics. They called it WildRoots or something similar. There are about 15 of them now at the RootsTube channel site.

The most poignant short film I saw was about Zuza Dalova, an immigrant from Hungary. The video opens with her singing, then shows pictures of her as a child, through her migration to America to an American woman.

The funniest short film was "Our Summer Vacation" - about a trip to the FHL in Salt Lake City.

I thought that the most interesting one was "Beneath Los Angeles" - the graves of movie stars and folks with "interesting" last names.

I enjoyed my hour or so just watching these short films - most of them held my interest throughout, and many were very well done with music and video effects.

Why don't you take a free hour or two (yeah, right - we all have a free hour, don't we?) and watch the videos on RootsTelevision. They're a lot better than watching MTV or CNN, and not as stressful either!

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