Sunday, June 10, 2007

More genea-blogging milestones

There are a few more genealogy blogging milestones to celebrate, to wit:

1) Miriam Midkiff's Ancestories blog - her 200th post. She describes how she got drawn into genealogy blogging, and found a community of like-minded geneaholics who wrote about the ideas that interested them. Now she can't help but post something interesting on a daily basis! Congratulations, Miriam, and THANK YOU for your wisdom, wit, experience and grace.

2) Tim Agazio's Genealogy Reviews Online blog - his 200th post. Tim was also surprised to find the community of genea-bloggers, but that didn't stop him from sharing his news and views over the last year or so. Congratulations, Tim, on your effort and success, and THANK YOU for your enthusiasm, persistence and good humor.

So who do we think has blogged about genealogy the longest?

Who do we think has written the most genea-blogging posts?

How can we tell how many posts have been written by a blogger?

Why do we not see more professional genealogists blogging on a regular basis?

Are there any more genealogy blogger anniversaries or milestones coming up? Tell us about them so we can celebrate!


Miriam Robbins said...

Thank you, Randy! I'm thinking you have got to be one of the first and most frequent bloggers in our community!

Tim Agazio said...


Thank you for the kind words! I have to agree with Miriam...I don't think anyone posts as much as you...keep them coming!

Genealogy Reviews Online

Jasia said...

We don't see more genealogy bloggers because blogging takes time away from genealogy research. I think blogging about genealogy is one of the most unselfish and generous things a genealogist can do. It's also very time consuming.

I don't think non-bloggers have any idea about what it takes to write continuously about one's hobby. It requires a tremendous amount of disciple, persistence, and dedication to keep it up. Even when one has a passion for genealogy and for writing, it can be a chore at times. We've all had those days.

We genea-bloggers are a fortunate bunch to have found each other. It warms my heart almost every day to see the support we all give each other. Sometimes when CNN is broadcasting yet another story of death and destruction somewhere in the world I turn to my RSS reader and my blogging buddies for solace. You have no idea how often you've provided the bright spot in my day. Thank you!