Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aloha from Maui - Post 2

It was a lazy summer morning on the beach outside our condo in Kahana on the West coast of Maui. We had breakfast and read our email, then got our bathing suits on and decided to go to the beach just below our condo unit. We had been in the water for about 30 minutes - nice and cool, maybe 80 F, looking for fish through our snorkel masks - there weren't many! Then we got out to rest and put on more sunscreen.

A man about my age was sitting in a lawn chair in about a foot of water, with the small waves breaking over him occasionally, and eventually he would go over backwards in the chair as the chair legs sank into the sand beneath him. He laughed, we laughed. And he did it again and again - he seemed really nice and cheerful.

I was sitting in the shade about 20 feet from Linda who was in the sun, and the man was about 20 feet from Linda. They were kibitzing back and forth.

A young lady (well, younger than me!) was walking up the sand, and turned and made a beeline for me. It was Joanie, my cousin from Arizona! What a small world. She gave me a hug, then saw Linda down by the surf and snuck up behind her and said in her ear "are you flirting with that man in the water?" Linda jumped, then saw that it was Joanie, leaped up and hugged her too. About this time the man in the water went backside over tea kettle into the water again.

He came up dripping wet and Joanie introduced us to Ray. We talked for awhile, and found out that they go back on Saturday, they were going on a helicopter ride this afternoon, and had evening plans for the next two nights. They asked if we wanted to join them at the Hula Grill in Ka'anapali tonight. We said sure! We all went in for a swim and talked a lot more before they went off to their helicopter ride.

Linda and I went to Old Town Lahaina again for a juicy bacon cheeseburger at Moose McGillicuddy's, some shopping, and an ice cream before we came back to the room.

It's a real small world sometimes. They are staying at the condos across the road and just happened to be on the beach at the same time we were. Great timing!

No genealogy done yet on the trip, although I think we may talk some family history and cousin-talk over dinner tonight!

Tomorrow morning Linda and I drive down to Ma'alaea and take the Boss Frog catamaran for a 5 hour snorkel tour to Molokini crater and Turtletown. This should be fun!

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