Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aloha from Maui - Post 1

Aloha...we made it on Tuesday about noon Hawaii time on Aloha Airlines. Once we landed at Kahului, we got our rental car and stopped at Costco on the way to the condo.

Our condo is in Kahana, about 5 miles north of Lahaina on the west coast of Maui. We are on the second floor, looking north to Molokai and west to Lanai - about 30 feet from the ocean. The surf sound stays "on" all night! It's warm with trade winds - the condo has sceens on the lanai door and the front door, so there is a breeze in the living room and bedroom. It is beautiful!

I don't have my camera cable so I can't show pictures until I get home.

We went down to Lahaina last night for shopping and dinner. We ate at Kimo's right on the beach in downtown Lahaina - great atmosphere, great food.

The condo owners said there was wireless internet - I hooked up the laptop last night and found a weak signal from a neighboring hotel - for $10 a day. I was going to sign up, but Linda said "did you see the notice about the internet hookup on the end table?" I hadn't, but it said that there was a phone cable hookup available for free. I found the cable, hooked it up this morning, and voila!

I spent almost an hour this morning reading my email (150 emails) via Cox Webmail, and then read my Bloglines material (over 200 posts in two days).

At 9 AM, we left and rented snorkel gear and signed up for a 5 hour snorkel tour of Molokini (a submerged volcano crater) and Turtleland (wherever that is). Then we went looking for a snorkel beach, and finally picked Kapalua Beach and found a parking place and hiked down to the beach. We spent about an hour in the water- there were not many fish on the coral near shore, and more further out near the reef. Then it was to lunch and back to the room.

Genealogy? About the only genealogy thought I've had in the last two days was actually geological - it is amazing how all of the Hawaiian Islands were formed by lava vents in the Earth's crust - from Midway in the northwest to Hawaii in the southeast - these islands were formed over millions of years.

I'll check in again sometime soon - mahalo and aloha!

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