Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best of the Genealogy Blogs - Week of September 23-29, 2007

Here are my favorite genealogy blog posts for the week of September 23-29, 2007. These are posts that I enjoyed, learned a lot from, or were funny. They are in random order.

* "Mrs. Jessie H. Tuttle, Part 5" by Bill West at his West in New England blog. The reason I chose this is that I learned that you can use the index at Footnote to find people who wrote letters to the National Archives to get Pension Files.

* "Genealogy and History Thoughts - Column One" by Jessica at the Jessica's Genejournal blog. This post gave her thoughts about the "Mother of All Genealogy Databases" article. Well done.

* "Don't Miss the Train - Part 2" on the Ancestor Insider blog. This part was even better than the first part! Did Ancestry start their blog in response to these posts?

* "Naked Ladies in the Hill Country ... Photos Below!" by Terry Thornton at the Hill Country of Monroe County blog. Once you get past the disappointment, it is a funny and interesting article.

* "The Bell Cow - A Natural Leader in the Hill Country" by Terry Thornton at the Hill Country of Monroe County blog. I'm a city boy, and have never heard of a Bell cow. Now I know what it is, and why there are so many different cow bells, and why they are precious. I know I put two posts from Terry here - these are original articles that I can only wish I could write!

* "10 No-Fee Resources for Climbing Your Family Tree Online" by Nancy Hendrickson at the Genealogy Site blog. It's a nice list - worth taking a look at. This is my first look at Nancy's blog.

* "Genealogists Be Aware - Desktop software and Web Applications are Converging" by Mark Tucker at the ThinkGenealogy blog. Mark has good observations and predictions here about the future on online genealogy.

* "All I Want for Christmas are a Bayonet and a Breechclout" by Tim Abbott at the Walking the Berkshires blog. Tim wants to get back into reenacting, I think. I hope his wife reads his blog occasionally.

* "Genealogue Challenge #49" by Chris Dunham at The Genealogue blog. This was Chris' first challenge to transcribe or abstract a document - it was interesting that none of the responders produced the same transcription. One response was best though - Sharon's!

Thank you all for a good week of reading genealogy blogs.

If these genealogy blogs are new for you, I encourage you to click on the links for the blogs and read the last week or two of posts. And if you feel the urge, please comment on the posts - all of us appreciate comments!

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