Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging will be light - I'm Making more Family History

I'm off on Thursday to visit my daughter and grandsons in the Santa Cruz area of California. With her husband deployed, the boys need some male attention and she needs some rest. So -- here comes grandpa - ready to fly airplanes, play in the woods, find banana slugs and pick blackberries with the little guys. I also plan to chase them around the house, and watch Thomas and his Friends, the Little Einsteins and the Wiggles on TV. I hope they let me watch the baseball playoff games and the football game on Sunday. I'll probably get to tickle their sides, feed them, bathe them, hug them, tell them stories, whisper ahnentafel lists, and everything else fun to do with little boys.

This is what I call "making family history" - instilling fun and happy times with grandpa in their memories so that they will appreciate me when I can't do it any more.

I will not take my laptop this time, but will have access to the Internet most evenings, so I'll post occasionally. I may miss a day or two if we go up to Petaluma to see the boys' great-grandfather.

I hope to return to San Diego on Tuesday next week. I will have to delay my "regular" feature posts - "The Best of the Genea-Blogs" and "Della's Journal" until I get back.

If you absolutely have to have a genealogy blog fix, then please go visit my colleagues on the blog roll to the right of this page. They are chock full of ancestral stories and genealogy tips and will greatly appreciate you stopping by and reading their work.

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