Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ancestry Magazine, November/December 2007 Issue TOC

The November/December 2007 issue of Ancestry magazine came in my email today. Ancestry.com subscribers now receive a digital version of the magazine just by having an annual subscription to Ancestry.com. The email has a link to the online magazine. There is a FAQ about this digital version here.

The Table of Contents for the November/December issue (Volume 25, number 6) of Ancestry magazine includes

* "Ride of Their Lives" - page 19. Years later, stories of orphan train riders are once again being told.

* "Easter Eggs and Tobacco" by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD. - page 21. They did have a sense of humor way back when.

* "What's Cooking America?" by Kelly Burgess - page 22. Burgers, fries, pizza, and tacos. American food had to come from somewhere - and mostly it came from our earliest immigrant ancestors.

* "Big Bird, Dig Dilemma" by Dean Harding McGarity - page 30. With no family, and no cash, a young couple still finds happiness.

* "Finding a Holiday Treasure" by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG - page 32. How my relatives spent his Christmas - 175 years ago.

* "Turkey and Trimmings" - page 34. Where did we get cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie?

* "My Navy Blue Hawaii" by Ellen Notbohm - page 37. A free trip to Hawaii has a deeper meaning.

* "Big Skies and White Houses" by Janet Bernice - page 39. America's 2nd lady, Lynne Cheney, takes a shot at her past.

* "A Place in the Country" by Amy Johnson Crow, CG, CGI - page 40. Life wasn't always great but it did leave some wonderful records.

* "Confection Connection" by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG - page 41. Those cookies are brimming with history.

* "Dark Days" by Deidre Burridge Dagner - page 42. Selective breeding isn't a foreign concept. But for one researcher who stumbled upon the American eugenics movement, it felt a bit too much like unnatural selection.

* "A Travelin' Man" by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak - page 48. No heir apparent? Look for the next best thing.

* "Fame in Your Family" by Esther Yu Sumner - page 53. Using tall tales to prove you're related to your favorite star.

* "Nothing Like Homemade - an Ancestry Digital exclusive" by Juliana Szucs Smith - page 54. Looking for the best holiday gift ever? Find out how to turn your favorite family recipes into a treasured heirloom.

* "Black Holes" by Ian Pope - page 60. When the pull of history is more than anyone can explain.

* "Actor Kills Wife" by Marjorie Waterfield - page 62. With no one left to tell the story, the newspaper steps in.

There is a special offer at the Ancestry Store for a print version of this magazine for $14.95.

It is difficult to read the digital version of the magazine online. You read one page at a time and use the Page Up/Down keys and arrow keys to move from page to page. You can print the pages one at a time. There is a pop-up ad for the print version every four pages that you have to disable one at a time. The whole exercise seems to be to induce you to pay for the printed version of the magazine.

The magazine is visually beautiful - layout, colors, pictures, drawings, themes. The articles are, in the main, not about genealogy research but about social history and cultural topics. I appreciate them, but I don't get much "help" from them to do my research.

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