Saturday, December 29, 2007

SmartMatching on

I received an email newsletter before Christmas from that announced SmartMatching 2.0 - see a description on their blog here.

In the email to me, they noted that

Good news! MyHeritage has found Smart Matches for you!

Smart Matches are people thought to be the same, in your family tree and family trees of other users on (our 19 million users have submitted well over one million family trees to MyHeritage with 200 million names). Correct Smart Matches may lead your way to discover new relatives and ancestors!

We've found a total of 3177 Smart Match(es) for people in your family tree(s), in 100 other family tree(s).

I had almost forgotten that I had submitted my Seaver database to MyHeritage last year so that I could test their system.

If you are frustrated by other commercial database or family tree web sites, you might consider to display your family tree.

I wrote posts here and here about the MyHeritage search engine and results. I also downloaded and tested their genealogy software, Family Tree Builder, in 2007 and reported on it here.

This is one of my Top 25 genealogy web sites, and is also one of the most popular genealogy web sites worldwide. And it's FREE.

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