Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best of Genea-Musings for 2007

Her are my nominations for the Best posts on Genea-Musings for 2007, in my judgment. I haven't ranked them yet, and would appreciate your input as to which was the best.
* Yep, Barack Obama is My Cousin! from 2 February.

* 5 Best Genealogy Research Sites in San Diego from 11 February.

* The House I Grew Up In from 22 February.

* Shadows of a Live Man from 3 April.

* My Digital Wish List from 11 April.

* The Crystal Ball: Part I -- Will All Records be Digitized? from 21 April

* The Genealogy "Time Tunnel" from 11 May.

* Why Join a Genealogy Society? from 15 May.

* 12 "Suggestions for Researchers" from 22 May.

* Dear Genea-Man: How Do I Find My Grandfather? from 30 May.

* Dear Genea-Man: Why Can't I Find My Ancestor in the Census? from 6 June.

* My Census Whacking Index from 7 June.

* Crystal Ball: Part 2 - Digitizing Records from 21 June.

* Then (1988) and Now (2007) from 22 June.

* Genealogy Research is NOT Bunk! from 27 June.

* A Challenging Moral Dilemma from 24 July.

* 25 Genealogy Web Sites I Can't Do Without from 25 July.

* TANSTAAFL from 26 August.

* Who Will Decide What Is Correct? from 31 August.

* Was Daniel Boone an Ancestor of Pat Boone? from 31 August.

* The Mother of All Genealogy Databases from 21 September.

* Dear Genea-Man: How do I Find Someone to do Research For Me? from 21 October.

* Genea-Musings Greatest Hits from 24 October.

* The Future of Genealogy - My Turn from 1 November.

* "Ge-ne-al-o-gy" by Randy from 7 November.

* Elusive Ancestors in New England from 20 November.

* Dear Genea-Man: How Do I access This Book? from 8 December.

* Dear Genea-Man: What is "Proof?" from 13 December.

By the time I added all the ones that I want to consider, it came to 28 - out of 990 to date in 2007. All of them are prolix and befuddling, not a terse one among them. They read like I am being paid by the word or the line, or the bullet point.

Oh well - I guess I should be able to find the Best One from that selection!

What say you? Which was the Best of this bunch?

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Terry Thornton said...

Randy, I've only been reading you since I started blogging in late April. Of your posts that I like best are the "Dear Genea-Man" articles: you offer sound advice that is most helpful. Your suggestions in, for instance, "Dear Genea-Man, How Do I Find My Grandfather" are super and should be required reading for novice and experienced researchers alike.

But my all-time favorite Genea-Man posting is the July 24, "A Challenging Moral Dilemma." Upon re-reading it just now, I am still struck by the dilemma --- and think about your situation each time I post family information. Thanks for making us all search our souls on certain issues.

Happy New Year!
Terry Thornton