Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great United Kingdom Genealogy Links site

I've been trying to read what I missed during my week "on vacation" with my grandsons. I found this today --

Dick Eastman posted a link to Price & Associates: Expert Links: English Family History and Genealogy at

This site has an exhaustive list of links by research category. If you have English ancestry and are pursuing English research, this site is the best I've seen for a link collection.

Read Dick's post and see how other readers suggested more links to databases or web sites and how Price & Associates reacted to the comments. Pretty good real time collaboration, I thought!

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Unknown said...

Hi Randy -- Thanks for mentioning our site on your blog. I'll add you to the Education and Announcements section of our page.
Best wishes, Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG, Marketing Director and Researcher, Price & Associates, Inc.