Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NGS NewsMagazine - October-December 2007 TOC

The October-December 2007 issue of the NGS NewsMagazine (Volume 33, number 4) came last week. Here is the Table of Contents:


* "Kansas City - here we come!" by Ann Carter Fleming, CG, CGI - page 10. The NGS conference is in KC on 14-17 May 2008. This article discusses the conference plus other research opportunities in the area.

* Genealogy librarian's pre-conference: what are you missing?" by Kim S. Harrison - page 13.

* "Nothing is certain but death and taxes" by Tacy A. Lewis - page 16. This article is about property tax lists and their use in research. Good examples!

* "Starting your African-American research" by Char McCargo Bah - page 20. This article gives advice on oral history interviews, census, marriage, birth, and death records.

* "Substitutes for the 1890 census" by Christopher A. Nordmann, PhD, CG - page 23. This article concentrates on African-American resources - city directories, voter rolls, tax rolls, state censuses and newspapers.

* "Slave Era Insurance Registry" by Timothy Nathan Pinnick - page 27. This article is a nice overview of seldom considered resource - well done with good examples.

* "Confederate civilian records" by Victor S. Dunn, CG - page 32. This article discusses Union Provost Marshall files, Confederate Quartermaster General Department records, Southern Claims Commission, Confederate Papers relating to Citizens or Business firms, conscription records and prison records.

* "Searching Austrian military records" by Richard Camaur, JD, CG - page 36.

* "Crossword puzzle: land records" by Mary Clement Douglass, CG - page 40. This is an excellent puzzle!

* "Case study: The Parker and Gesterling suicides" by Jack Parker Hailman, PhD - page 45.


* "Yes, Virginia, you and and should do research in original record!" in the National Archives column by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens - page 41.

* "Oral history and interviewing" in the Beginning Genealogy column by Gary M. & Diana Crisman Smith - page 50.

* "Family Historian 3.1" in the Software Review column by Barbara Schenck - page 56.

* "Paperless Genealogy - Sensible? Worthwhile?" in the Technology column by Drew Smith, MLS - page 59

* "Thinking Like a professional historian" in the Writing Family History column by Harold E. Hinds, Jr., PhD - page 62

The list of Upcoming Events on page 64 covers events for November, December and January. That needs to be changed if they are going to publish the magazine at the end of the publishing "period."

One of the reasons I like this periodical is that most of the resources discussed are not online - it's a nice balance to other magazines that are almost 100% online research oriented. I think that reflects the more "traditional" stance of many NGS members - researchers, writers, conference speakers, etc.

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