Saturday, February 16, 2008

Genea-Musings limericks - mine

Terry Thornton over at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi has challenged all of the genea-bloggers to write limericks about their blogs or blogging in general for a contest, or carnival, with a due date of 18 February. He insists on an A-A-A-B-B-A rhyming scheme, and wants up to three examples of a blogger's poetic skills.

Genea-Musings did this once before here, but they were limericks with the A-A-B-B-A scheme of things.

Here are my three --

Randy's Genea-Musings are fair,
But he's a Geneaholic aware
And the CV Genealogy Cafe is rare.
All his blog posts are dandy,
They sound just like Randy,
Prolix and without compare.

(c) Randy Seaver, 2008.


Ancestors, stories and biography,
Telling all about the family,
Make for a fine genealogy.
Unless ancestors are elusive
Then it's not conclusive,
But that's family history.

(c) Randy Seaver, 2008.


There was a blogger in the sun,

Always researching on the run,
But, alas, his genealogy was never done.
He wrote stories about San Diego
With people from a long time ago,
That made his work really fun.

(c) Randy Seaver, 2008.


Thank you to all of my genea-blogging limericists who contributed limericks about Genea-Musings, and me, here.

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