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Letters from Home - Post 10

This is the ninth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Letter from Ella in Clay Center Kansas to Austin and Della Carringer in San Diego. No envelope.

Clay Center Kan.,
Sabbath, May 25 1890

My dear friends,

In sorrow we read the notice of your sweet little one's death, it fell so sudden on us. We write in sending our sympathy and love to you in this your bereavement, but may we all truly say that's best, which God sends. 'Twas his will - it is mine. It is very hard to think that sometimes there is no reason, howsoe'er defended - but has one vacant chair. But every human path leads on to God. He holds a myriad finer threads than gold and strong as holy wishes, drawing us upward to himself. Behind the clouds the sunshine lurks, through showers the sunbeams fall. And God, who loveth all his works, hath left his hopes for all.

I thank you very much for the little one's picture. Sweet little one's just lent to us for a short time to love and then taken to himself - to be in Glory.

Gene took down sick last Friday with pneumonia. He is not able to sit up yet, but is improving and I think by tomorrow he will be able to get up. The rest of us are well. Cousin Homer's are well and ask to be remembered to you in your sorrow.

I expect to go back to Colorado soon. I don't have as good health here as in Col.

My love to all - Mother and aunt sends their love to you both. Please write to them. Yours with love, Ella.


This letter is from Ella Stanton, who is a second cousin of Austin Carringer. She lived with her family in Boulder, Colorado but wrote this letter from Clay Center, Kansas. Again, we see a traveler - people used the train and coach trails to travel to visit family, conduct business, etc.

Health is a big concern for many of the people in these letters - they get sick and need to change the "air." Lowlanders go to a higher place, and vice versa. Temperature and humidity at both extremes can cause respiratory problems and discomfort. I think Gene is her husband, but I don't know for sure.

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