Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Letters from home - Post 7

This is the sixth letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in the San Diego, California area after 1887. An explanation of the family members and situation is here.


Letter from D.J. Smith in Kansas to wife Abby (Vaux) Smith in San Diego California. No envelope.

Spring Ranch, Aug 29/89

Dear Granma,

Yours at hand yesterday, two of them, but I opened the one you rote last first so you see I got the news first. Wal, I am so glad that it is over and Delley and boy are doing so nicely. Yes Delley will get along all right and you be shure and not let her get up to soon, but keep her bed untill she gets her strenth then she will be strong after she gets up. Matey goes home Saturday. You need not worry about me I can get along some way to pull through in time, but it seems long to me. But we hafto bear with patience. It may be a year before I can sell, but I will sell the first chance. Ma, I can't think of throwing away our hard earnings for a little sum when we need it in our old ages. Am I right, I am shure we can sell another season if we can't this fall. Love to all and kiss the boy babey for Granpa, me you know. By By yours.

Spring Ranch Aug 29/1889

Young husband - Delley, the papers say the bustle must go. Mrs. young wife - yes Austin, but when the bustle goes the woman will go with the bustle.

Spring Ranch Aug 27/89

Granma, marriage is the cure for love. There now your joking ceases. For well you know the remedy is worse than the disease.

Yours D.J.S.


This is the first letter from DJ after the birth of his grandson, Devier David Carringer. He seems happy! And he has advice for everybody, per usual.

DJ is struggling with the financial situation - he doesn't want to sell the Ranch for too little because then he and Abby will have nothing left to live on in their old age.

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