Friday, February 29, 2008

Genealogy Research shines today

The big genealogy news story today was published in the Boston Globe newspaper - titled "Author admits making up memoir of surviving the Holocaust" by David Mehegan. Genealogist Sharon Sergeant, a professional genealogist residing in Waltham MA, and her team played a central role in bringing the truth to light by finding and correlating original source material in Belgian repositories.

DearMYRTLE has an article today about Sharon's efforts, and interviewed Sharon on her 26 February podcast here.

Sharon's web site has a link to Jane Daniel's BESTSELLER! blog (Jane was the publisher of the book) which discusses this case in much detail.

Sharon posted some additional information about this project on the APG mailing list here. Sharon's conclusion reads:

"For everyone, there are the lessons of success with genealogy methodology, as well as the real history we learn when we do genealogy - even when it touches on very difficult subjects. As the rest of the story unfolds, there will be more food for thought no matter what type of genealogical problem we face.

"I often think of my 7th grade science teacher Mr Hopkins and the basics of the 'scientific method' - postulate a theory, plan a test, test the theory, analyze the results, modify the theory and tests, then retest until you have test results that are consistent with the theory."

Read the Globe article, Myrt's blog post, Sharon's web site, her APG post and listen to the podcast. You will be proud of the profession of genealogy as practiced by Sharon Sergeant and her team in this project.

Bravo!!! Extremely well done!! Thank you, Sharon and team! Genealogy research shines today.

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