Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best of the Genea-Blogs - February 17-23, 2008

Here are my picks for great reads from the genealogy blogs for this past week.

My criteria are pretty simple - I pick posts that advance knowledge about genealogy, address current genealogy issues, personal family history, are funny or are poignant.

I don't list posts destined for the Carnival of Genealogy, or other meme submissions (but I do include summaries of them), or my own posts.

* "Anthology of Blogger Poems: 2008 Challenge" by Terry Thornton, editor, on the Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi blog. Terry captured ALL of the poems (mostly limericks) writeen by and for genealogy bloggers. Excellent!!!

* "Copyright Issues: Photographs" by Craig Manson on the Geneablogie blog. Craig uses his legal mind to assess the issues with using photographs in blogs, articles, books, etc.

* "My Top 15 - Well, Really - Top 16 - Canadian Genealogy Websites, February 2008" by M. Diane Rogers on the Canada Genealogy, or "Jane's Your Aunt" blog. Diane provides a superb list that I have bookmarked for future use and reference.

* "Land Records: What are Metes and Bounds?" by Diane Haddad on the Now What? blog. Diane provides a great summary of this esoteric and difficult, but vital, research topic.

* "Source Centric Prototype" by Dan Lawyer on the Taking Genealogy to the Common Person blog. Dan describes, and shows examples, of how New FamilySearch will be source-centric when displaying information from the LDS databases.

* "Honoring Our Presidents" by Miriam Midkiff on the Ancestories: Stories of My Ancestors blog. Miriam discusses her life experiences with this holiday, and expresses her opinion that the schools should have special programs for this holiday. I agree!

* "A New Way to Share Genealogy?" by Lori Thornton on the Smoky Mountain Family Historian blog. Lori investigates Scribd, describes her findings, and has some recommendations for using it.

* What is Blogging? Why would I want to do it?" by Becky Wiseman on the Kinexxions blog. Becky gave a talk on blogging - this is her narrative for the talk. Excellent!

* "Not Without My Car" by Chery Kinnick on the Nordic Blue blog. Chery describes her fascination with automobiles and describes her "car" family history.

* "Dead Ancestors Soap Opera, Part I" and "Part 2" by Cat on the Genealogy-Digging Up Dirt blog. Cat is transcribing the Civil War Pension File for George Washington Oakley. You get a good idea of the complexity of some of these files from these posts, and how they dealt with multiple wives and widows pensions. Cat is not done - there are more parts coming.

* "On Fried Mush, 'Hommeny,' Grits and Cornbread, Part I" by Terry Thornton on the Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi blog. Terry reveals the secrets of Southern corn-based food. Interesting (and appalling?) to this Southern (California) lad. I'm looking forward to Part II, though!

Please go to the blogs listed above and read their articles, and add the blog to your Favorites, Bloglines, reader, feed or email if you like what you read.

Please make a comment to them also - we all appreciate feedback on what we write.

Did I miss a great genealogy blog post? Tell me!


Terry Thornton said...

Thanks Randy for the double mention. For sure I'll have a Seaver-blogavalanche now!

The rhyming roundup was fun --- thanks to kind folks like you who submitted to the challenge.

And thanks for the kind words about my grits and gravy post. You've reminded me that I still have yet to write Parts 2 and 3! Yipes!


Chery Kinnick said...

Randy, I appreciate your diligence in reading through all the blogs and suggesting reads to others. And, thanks for picking "Not Without My Car."