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Carringer Family Letters, 1890 to 1900 - Post 3

I have a series of family letters from the parents, brother and aunt of Henry Austin Carringer residing in National City and San Diego in the 1890 to 1900 time frame. Austin's parents and brother resided in Boulder, Colorado during this period of time and there is news of towns people and events in these letters.

The third letter is from Austin's mother, Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer, in Boulder.

Letter from Rebecca Carringer of Boulder, Colorado to Austin and Della Carringer in National City, California. No envelope.

Boulder Colo Nov 8 1891

Dear children we rec your note yesterday and was glad to here that your girl boy had arrived and hope all is doing nicely we all congratulate you and hope the lord will spare him to you that he may be a comfort to you and I hope Della can nurce him for it will be better for her and the child both. What will you call it. Aunt Mary is here she says to call it “the girl” for her She think that would suit I tell you. You ought to seen Edgar clap his hands when he heard it was a boy he said it was a Joke on you for you was talking about a girl all the time.

Well it is all the same if he only lives and is healthy and grows up to be a good man. Ella’s baby is a very nice baby and grows nicely and is a very good child they will call it Mary Inez. Is Mrs Smith staying with you or do you have good nurce. I hope D will not take any cold. Ella has got quite strong again.

Monday morn Jane done churning had over 4 pounds of butter.

I wish you had some of the milk I have to throw away I hate to waste it. This is a breasy morning. Pa is covering bushes and it blows so he can hardly work. I suppose Dan Combs is out there by this time have you seen any of the Boulder folks yet. We did not know Mr Teal was going until he was gone.

Love to all and a kiss for baby. Write and tell me how you get along. Hope this will find you all right. Aunt Mary sends love from Parents and brother.


This letter came after the news about Lyle Lawrence Carringer's birth to Austin and Della Carringer on 2 November 1891. The mail sure traveled fast then, didn't it? No air mail - certainly it was by rail. They had the news within 6 days of the birth of the baby.

Austin and Della were apparently hoping for a girl child for whatever reason. I'm really glad they didn't this time - Lyle is my grandfather!

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