Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you reading Rootsweb Review?

I finally realized that I had not received a weekly Rootsweb Review for several weeks, so I checked my subscriptions at and found that somehow I had been unsubscribed. I took the opportunity to unsubscribe from the Ancestry Weekly News for one of my email addresses too.

Then I went looking for the newsletters that I had missed (since February 6, I think, according to my email files). The archives of Rootsweb Reviews are saved by years - the 2008 Archive to date is at

I read the missing Rootsweb Reviews and am happy as a clam at high tide. They have gone to an HTML version of this newsletter, so pictures and other images can be included. I always enjoy "how-to" articles, the "ancestors found" articles and the humor items, and occasionally I re-post one of the articles here on Genea-Musings.

This newsletter is one way to stay in touch with what is happening on Rootsweb. With the incorporation of Rootsweb into the Ancestry domain, I hope that these newsletters continue to be published, because they serve an excellent purpose.

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