Monday, May 26, 2008

US Military Records at eBook

The Ancestry Store is offering a FREE eBook titled "Military Records at" by Esther Yu Sumner, published in 2007 by The Generations Network.

You can download the eBook in PDF format from here. The file is large - 16.9 mb, so you will need a cable or DSL connection or better.

The eBook has a description of each American War or Conflict from Jamestown and New England in the 1600's through the Vietnam conflict. Each section summarizes the war, the military records available from the war, and the resources available at

This eBook is well worth the time to download it and read it. The background information on each war or conflict provides an excellent summary that refreshed my distant memories from American History classes!

Thanks to Juliana Smith's 24/7 Family History Circle blog post here.

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