Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Traffic data for Ancestry domains

Avid genealogy blog- and news-hounds will recall that Ancestry decided to incorporate all Rootsweb pages into the http://www.ancestry.com/ domain in mid-March, two months ago.

After that, I posted several articles about Traffic statistics for Ancestry and Rootsweb - on 1 April and again on 17 April. By then, all of the Rootsweb pages that I checked from the main Rootsweb page are now within the http://www.ancestry.com/ domain.

Here are the traffic statistics for the last six months for http://www.ancestry.com/, http://www.genealogy.com, http://www.myfamily.com and http://www.rootsweb.com/ - in Reach (unique visitors per million Internet users):

The traffic for the four sites has been fairly stable over the last month. One thing that confuses me is that the total traffic Reach for Ancestry plus Rootsweb was about 0.07 at the end of February, but is now only 0.055 (approximately) in May. That's about a 20% drop in Reach over three months.

Here's the Page Views (per million Internet users) for the same sites:

I was curious about the different Ancestry franchises, so I looked at traffic for the Canada, UK, German, French and Italian domains. The Reach (unique visitors per million Internet users) and Page Views (per million Internet users) for these five domains are below:

Totalling the Reach for these five domains, I estimate a Reach of about 0.005 at the beginning of May, or about 10% of the www.ancestry.com domain. The UK Reach and Page Views have decreased markedly since April - I wonder why? Is it competition from the other UK database providers?
These traffic statistics are all from www.Alexa.com. There is more information about the Alexa traffic rankings at http://www.alexa.com/site/help/traffic_learn_more.

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