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NEHG Register Table of Contents - April 2008 issue

The Table of Contents for The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Volume 162, Number 2, Whole Number 646), April 2008, includes:

* Editorial - page 83

* Peter Hackley of New London, Connecticut, and His Two Wives, Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Baker and Elizabeth (Marshall) Darrow, by Patricia St. Clair Ostwodl - page 85

* William Reynolds of Plymouth Colony and Cape Porpoise, Maine, by Martin E. Hollick - page 91

* The Identity of Phillipa, Second Wife of Nicholas West of Drayton, Somerset, and Grandmother of Joan (West) White of Lancaster, Massachusetts, by Patricia A. Metsch - page 93

* English Origins of Lawrence Leach of Salem, Massachusetts, by Robert F. Henderson and James R. Henderson - page 98.

* Identifying Mercy, Wife of Thomas Hinckley of Harwich, Massachusetts, As Mercy (Bangs) (Hinckley) Cole, by Glade Ian Nelson - page 101

* Various Wills Relating to New England Colonists: Gillett, Swaine, Cheney, and Tutty-Knight-Whitman, by Leslie Mahler - page 113

* Dorcas (____) Lippitt of Providence, Rhode Island, and Her Descendants, by Cherry Fletcher Bamberg (concluded from 162:36) - page 118

* Ancestry of Bennet Eliot of Nazeing, Essex, Father of Seven Great Migration Immigrants to Massachusetts, by William Wyman Fiske (concluded from 162:72) - page 128

* Wolston Brockway of Lyme, Connecticut, with Further Analysis of His Associations, by Gale Ion Harris (concluded from 162:46) - page 140

* Joseph and Phoebe (Millington) Rounds of Clarendon and Monkton, Vermont, by John Bradley Arthaud and Marcia (Yannizze) Melnyk (concluded from 162:64) - page 149

* Reviews of Books and CD-ROMs - page 154

The books reviewed include:

* The Descendants of Henry Sewall (1756-1656) [an error? probably 1576-1656] of Manchester and Coventry, England, and Newbury and Rowley, Massachusetts: The Family in England and the First Six Generations in North America, by Eben W. Graves (Boston, Newbury Street Press, 2007).

* The Pierponts of Roxbury, Massachusetts, by Helen Schatvet Ullmann, CG, FASG, (Boston, Newbury Street Press, 2007).

* The Descendants of John Grumman(t) of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, and Fairfield, Connecticut, and His Wife Sarah Try, by Martin Grumman Phillips (Boston, Newbury Street Press, 2007).

* Royal Families: Americans of royal and Noble Ancestry: Volume Three, Samuel Appleton and His wife Judith Everard and Five Generations of Their Descendants, by Marston Watson (Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 2007).

* The Ancestors of Alila May Miller (1881-1960) of Miller Place, Long Island, New York, by Willis H. White (Herndon, Va., the author, 2007).

* Caudebec in France and England: The Origin of Jacques Caudebec, 1664 - abt. 1764-1766, of Bolbec, France, and Deerpark, New York, Ancestor of the Cuddeback Family in America, by Elwyn L. Simons (Boston, Newbury Street Press, 2005).

* Thomas Fairchild, Puritan Merchant & Magistrate. The Life and Times of an American Colonizer & Patriarch (c. 1610-1670), by W. Bruce Fairchild (New York, iUniverse, Inc., 2006).

* 15 Generations of Whipples: Descendants of Matthew Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Abt. 1590-1647: An American Story, by Blaine Whipple, 4 vols. (Baltimore, Gateway Press, 2007).

* Hubbell by Choice: The Ancestry of Some Early Connecticut Women, by Mary Ann Walker Hubbell and Marjorie F. Hubbell Gibson, with Carol Hubbell Boggs, Bertie Herman, and Barbara Kruse (n.p., Hubbell Family Historical Society, 2008).

This issue has several interesting and useful articles for those researchers with the specific subject families. The Mercy (Bangs) (Hinckley) Cole brushes close to my Cape Cod Bangs and Cole families - she's not mine, but she's the wife of a sibling of one of my Cole ancestors, and a distant cousin due to her newly found Bangs family birth.

I value these issues because they demonstrate research techniques and results in finding colonial New England records and records in England prior to colonization. In many cases, they are inspirational to me - "look what they found, I wonder if I could try that for ..."

I also value the list of books reviewed, because Carlsbad Library in northern San Diego County often purchases new family surname books. In my own ancestry, I have the Whipple family from these works reviewed. The descendant books are also useful because they may cover collateral Seaver families in more detail than I have from my own research.

I checked the web site to see if the table of contents for this issue can be downloaded - the last issue they have on the site is January 2008, not the current April, 2008 issue. They show only the four 2007 issues available currently in PDF format. I really don't understand why organizations like NEHGS don't keep their web site up-to-date with the latest information.

Why doesn't NEHGS post the Table of Contents for the whole run of the publication online? It's only text, which doesn't have much bandwidth. That only makes sense to me. A researcher might Google a name and find that an article in NEHGR has been published. They may buy the specific issue, or even subscribe to the Society in order to gain access to the entire publication run.

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