Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RootsWeb Review newsletter now monthly

I really miss my weekly email passing on the RootsWeb Review newsletter. It is now a monthly newsletter. It is always full of research tips, contributed stories, and a bit of humor. Now I can't even get the monthly newsletter to come via email for some reason. So I have to go visit it online to get my "fix."

The May 14 issue has a nice collection of articles, including:

* Researching at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) by Mary Harrell-Sesniak.

* Finding Your SMITHs (and Other Ancestors with Common Surnames) by Joan Young

* Don't Give Up Hope by David T. Johnston

* Three Sisters Reunited by Karen Gilbert

* Using a Divining Rod to Locate Unmarked Graves by Henry C. Wiggin

In the humor section, there are these entries:

* "While reading a local obituary, I noticed the gentleman who died was a driving instructor. His name was Rex A. Lott." - thanks to Joy; Oregon

* "I found this interesting name in a census record years ago: Lovely Hooker." - thanks to Nancy

* "While looking for an entry in our phonebook years ago, I stumbled upon the name "Gloomy Jones." My mother-in-law was in a nursing home here for several years and Gloomy was also a resident there, so I got to meet him. He died several years ago.

"When I showed a coworker Gloomy's name in the phonebook, he turned to the entry for an unusual name he had seen on a mailbox: Turley Curd. The name is no longer in our phonebook and we could not find it in a search of white pages nationwide, so I assume that he is also deceased." -- thanks to Bill

[The above was previously published in RootsWeb Review: 14 May 2008, Vol. 11, No. 15.]

Have you been reading RootsWeb Review regularly? If not, check it out!

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