Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ah, AWT is not in New Ancestry Search - yet!

I wondered several weeks ago in "Where is Ancestry World Tree in the new Ancestry Search?" why the matches in the New Ancestry Search did not include the Ancestry World Tree (which has the same content as the Rootsweb WorldConnect database).

The Ancestry Insider remembered my question and sent me a "Dear Randy" blog-o-gram today in the post "No AWT in Ancestry New Search?" He (?) explains that "... there is no plan (that I'm aware of) to make AWT accessible only through RootsWeb. " He (?) also explains how old the search technology used on the Rootsweb WorldConnect database really is.

Finally he (?) tells us that "Since New Search is still in preview, might AWT results be added? At least to the category results page?That depends on Ancestry users. At the top of the page, New Search Preview sports a link labeled Tell Us What You Think. You won't be heard if you don't say anything."

So the way to get AWT included in Ancestry New Search is to whine about it to the APTB... no - that's not the Ancestry Purification and Transformation Board, it's the Ancestry Powers That Be. OK, I'm good at whining as avid readers of recent Genea-Musings posts are well aware - is it a full-moon time of the month? Just wondering.

I've used the WorldConnect databases for a long time and have learned how to find information about individuals and family trees from it. It's my first stop when I'm doing a survey of available family tree information.

Thank you to The Ancestry Insider for taking the time to write me a blog-o-gram on his (?) site and answer my question. I'll whine at them tomorrow!

Can anyone confirm that The AI is male? I've used he and his in earlier posts and I don't really know. It doesn't really matter to me, but being a sensitive soul I don't want his/her feelings hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Follow the link from the "Ancestry Insider" blog to his profile: "male".