Thursday, September 25, 2008

Genealogy Software Reviews - Your chance!

Louis Kessler has unveiled his new web site - Genealogy Software Reviews at

There are over 300 genealogy software products here at present, just waiting for you, and others, to evaluate and rate them.

Each software review has information about the provider, a short program description, and a ratings box. Windows, Mac, Unix, handheld and online programs are included. The summary includes whether the program is free or purchased.

Program types include full-featured, GEDCOM utilities, website builders and other programs useful for genealogy.

The user ratings are in five categories:

* Whether you enjoy using it
* Do you use it often
* Does it have easy input
* Does it have useful output
* An overall rating.

You can write a short review and list the program's biggest benefit and biggest problem.

Or you can read the ratings and read the reviews and decide for yourself which program you want to download and use.

The site also has Frequently Asked Questions, Links to software providers and articles about software, and a suggestion page.

Over time, this will be an indispensable web page for genealogy software users.

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