Monday, September 15, 2008

Kenyatta is looking for bloggers and writers

Kenyatta Berry wrote a note on the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) mailing list this morning calling for bloggers and writers to join her in a web site and blog effort. The post is "Bloggers and writers wanted" at

She wrote:

"I am looking for content writers and bloggers for a series of blogs we are launching in the next six months. Specifically those with experience in Native American (American Indian), African American, Presidential Genealogy, Beginning Genealogy, Genetics, Family Health History and Research Methodology. We are also launching a query service for ethnic genealogy.

"This is an unpaid position and is ideal for new writers looking to broaden their reach in the genealogy community. Compensation will increase as the site grows and we start to generate revenue from advertising and sponsorships. If you are interested and looking for an opportunity to share your knowledge, please contact me off list for more details."

Kenyatta's contact information is in the mailing list post.

My read on this is that there may be a market for responding to queries by expert writers and researchers in the listed topics.

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