Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More WG/TMG Conference Pictures

Linda and I had a lot of fun at the Wholly Genes/TMG Conference Cocktail Party on Saturday. Here are some pictures of "notable" people at the conference.

David Allen Lambert always seems to wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts, has a smile on his sunburned face, and provides a prodigious amount of information:

I really enjoyed Tony Burroughs' infectious laugh and enthusiasm for his subjects. I talked to him a bit about Chicago area records:

Cyndi Howells is such a neat person to talk to - she is so fun and friendly. I had never met her before, but it seemed like we were instant friends:

Here is the group shot of all of the speakers in attendance at the party. From the left: Cyndi Howells, Barbara Vines Little, John Cardinal, Elizabeth Shown Mills, Craig R. Scott, John Grenham, Bob Velke (behind Grenham), David Allen Lambert, Robert Charles Anderson (hiding behind David), Tony Burroughs, Dick Eastman (behind Tony) and John Titford.

I have some decent shots of some attendees also - next post!

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