Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More pictures from the WG/TMG Conference

I had a great time talking to Happy Dae at this conference - he has been reading Genea-Musings for a long time, which I really appreciate!

Hmm, it couldn't have been this boring, could it? I was taking a short catnap before a lecture in the Princess Theater:

At the cocktail party, I caught Joanne S, Ann M and Bob M smiling for the camera (with several others in the background):

Alice B and Linda Seaver enjoyed discussing the finer points of PhD programs - seriously!

Vicky S was beaming in Club Fusion - she has been a Genea-Musings reader for awhile.

Unfortunately, some of my photos are not real sharp...I need to learn to take two of each in hopes that one will turn out well.

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