Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 4 in SLC - a day of football, food and good company

It was Sunday and the FHL wasn't open today. What to do? Here's what I did:

1) The Little America Hotel, where I am staying, has a nice Sunday brunch for an exorbitant price. About 15 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy faculty and staff members go to brunch every year, and invited me to attend. I sat at one end next to blogger Kathy Brady-Blake, and Pat Richley was across the table. We had a wonderful brunch (I had an omelet, ham, potatoes and vegetables, desserts). The conversation was even better - Laura Prescott has posted some photos on her Facebook page (I have photos in my camera from before the batteries failed. I left my camera-to-computer cable at home, unfortunately!). I went back to my room at about 1:30, checked out of one room and into another room.

2) Football! My Chargers wisely planned to play on Sunday at 2:45 p.m. so that the game wouldn't interfere with my FHL visit, and wouldn't conflict with my fine dining experiences. Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers showed up and beat my beloved Bolts 35-24, and it wasn't that close.

3) Saddened by the football outcome, I took off at 6 p.m. for Biaggi's, a restaurant in the Gateway Center, taking the TRAX trolley about 1.5 miles for free. Christy Fillerup organized a dinner there for some SLIG attendees and for TGF/ProGen study group members. There were 10 of us at a very nice Italian restaurant. The food was good, and the conversation was excellent. We went around the table mentioning our home town, experience level, professional status, and genealogy interests. I summarized the Ancestry meetings for Christy, Angela and Harold and we talked for awhile longer about the study groups. Then we all took the TRAX back to our hotels.

One more day to go, and then I head back to my real life. I sure wish that I was staying for SLIG - the program looks excellent and the institute will be a must-do on my calendar next year.


Midge Frazel said...

Just letting you know that I am enjoying reading about your adventure. I, too, might not recognize my FB friends. That's enough to give one nightmares.

Thịnh said...
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