Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leland is keeping score about the TGN visit

Leland Meitzler is listing all of the blog posts about the TGN visit by eight "genealogy communicators" last weekend. See his GenealogyBlog post titled The Generations Network Invaded by Bloggers for the list of posts.

Diane Haddad has posted a nice picture of The Ancestry Insider blogger in her post Secret Genealogy Blogger Revealed. Can you read his name tag?

I asked readers to guess who the "Secret Eight" were that attended the Friday meeting in my Saturday Night Fun post. Four have posted blogs revealing themselves (Randy, DearMYRTLE, Ancestry Insider and Diane Haddad), and Becky Wiseman guessed two others correctly (Dick Eastman and Drew Smith), which leaves the last two. Who were they? Here's a hint: they were listed in the post Content is King on The Ancestry Insider blog.

Diane Haddad, The Genealogy Insider blogress, has passed a photograph of the secret group, with some TGN folks, to all of the attendees - I hope that she will post it when she thinks it is appropriate. I neglected to get any photographs during the tour and at the dinners - Diane has some photos at the TGN offices at From Paper (or Film) to the Web and of the server farm at Inside Ancestry.com's Top Secret Data Center.

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