Friday, February 27, 2009

Thomas MacEntee is Genealogy and Technology Examiner

Are you reading Thomas MacEntee's near-daily articles that are online at His column, which consists of articles about family history, genealogy and technology (let's call it Genealogy 2.0 for short!) is at

The last five articles are:

* Facebook Terms of Use update - encourages user review (26 February)

* Twitter and how it can help genealogists (26 February)

* Photo editing - get focused for free (25 February)

* Facebook and dead members – another policy gone bad? (22 February)

* A favorite ingredient: URL Shortening (21 February)

As a bonus to his Twitter article, Thomas provided a link to a PDF to his one-page Twitter Quick Reference guide. Excellent!

This has become a near-daily feast of information about Genealogy 2.0 for me - how about for you? Interested? You can sign up for an email or an RSS feed of each article.

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Anonymous said...

I too am really enjoying Thomas' Examiner articles. Thanks so much for alerting us all to them, as well as changing who can leave comments. :)