Monday, February 23, 2009

Who were the #21's?

Who knew that genealogy bloggers and blog readers would have so much fun doing the last Saturday Night Fun challenge? Look at this list of their father's mother's father's mother (and the blogger's name, linked to the post, or the Commenter's name):

* Hannah (Rich) Richman - Randy Seaver

* Julia Ann (Lewis) House - Wendy Littrell

* Mary E. "Mae" (McArthur) York Randell Richmond - Miriam Midkiff

* Hanna Minka (--?--) Smorgonski -- Amir Dekel

* Caroline (Flory) Saurer - Diana R.

* Ida Peters (Dollman) Buss -- Terri

* Flory (McLean) McFadyen -- Brenda Dougall Merriman

* Margaret (Leehive) Slattery - Thomas MacEntee

* Robert Marshall - Alana Farrell (who doesn't know her #21, so she picked #24)
* Martha R.S.C. (Monk) Norman -- Greta Koehl

* Sophia (Lamucha) Lipa -- Jasia

* Mary Elizabeth (Mitchell) Cooper -- Debra Osborne Spindle

* Anna M. (Zaepfel) Nuwer -- Amanda

* --?-- (--?--) --?-- -- Jessica Oswalt (she's still working on this one!)

* Sarah Nancy (Huntsicker) Schuder -- Becky Wiseman

* Mary Anna (Webb) Wellons -- Leah (who chose #31 since she's still searching for #21)

* Orcelia Jane (Wright) Rury -- Kay B.

* Emily R. (Jamison) Mauzen -- Mary

* Annie Perlick Dudelsack/Feinstein -- John Newmark

* Elizabeth (Coburn) Barker -- Bill West

* Louisa J. (Scarborough) Saunders -- Debbie Blanton McCoy

* Edith (Sharpless) Cheyney -- Russ Worthington

* Mary Elizabeth (Hobrock) Borgstadter -- Sheri Fenley

* Sarah Jane (Ward) McMahon -- Julie Cahill Tarr

* Matilda (Smith) Wheeler - Holly Spencer

* Attje (Bansema) Melensen -- Hank Van Kempen (in Comments)

* Sarah (Wedd) Saggers -- M. Diane Rogers (in Comments)

* Mary S. (--?--) Reynolds -- lib1976 (in Comments)

* Anne Thorstensdatter - Lynn (in Comments)

* Magdalena (Petersen) Boisen -- Becky (in Comments)

* Blanche (Welden) Mertena -- Jennifer (in Comments)

Isn't this a great list? None of the bloggers or commenters (probably) ever met these second great-grandmothers, yet their life has been remarkably shaped by these women and their very being is based on genetics passed down from the women. There are some very interesting and poignant stories in these blog posts.

Are you reading all of these genea-bloggers? I found several new genealogy blogs on thisl ist and added them to my Bloglines reader.

In several cases, looking for #21 in the Ahnentafel helped researchers learn about and work with their genealogy software.

I think that I have not found everyone who participated in this exercise - if I have missed you, please let me know via email ( or a Comment here and I will add you to the list. I started this list this morning instead of on Sunday morning.

UPDATES: 2/23, 8:30 p.m. - added John Newmark's post.
2/23, 10:00 p.m. - added Bill West's and Debbie McCoy's posts.
2/24, 8 a.m. - added Russ Worthington's and Sheri Fenley's posts. Up to 29!
2/24: 3 p.m. - added Julie Tarr's post. #30.
2/25: 8:45 p.m. - added Holly Spencer's post, #31.


John said...

I participated with a post on both my #21 and the mathematical properties of the ahnentafel system here:

Bill West said...

Hi Randy,
My post about Elizabeth Coburn is here:

Sheri Fenley said...

I am late as usual but my Number 21 is Elizabeth Hobrock Borgstadter. I wrote about her on my blog here: