Monday, March 9, 2009

Ancestral Atlas Help offered

I took a look at Ancestral Atlas last week and complained about several features that were missing or didn't work well, including a Help function.

I received this email today from them:

"Dear Customer,

"We've made a couple more changes to the Ancestral Atlas web site to resolve some of the problems some of you may have been experiencing.

"These are:

"* Search Tab. When you now click on the green arrow next to a search result, the list of events at that location that match your search are now displayed. You can go back to the original search results by selecting the Back button.

"* Help pages. We've added a 'Quick Help' page to show you how to add Events and People records and how to perform some basic searching. We're hoping to make this far more comprehensive in the coming days.

"* Marriage Events. When you add a marriage event between 2 people, 'partner' relationships are now automatically created if they didn't exist already.

"* User Forum. We've set up a temporary forum at: - please join to view the latest messages or discussions regarding the site and its functionality.

"Please let us know of any other problems you may have by email to

"Ancestral Atlas is still in beta and all suggestions are gratefully received - we want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

"Yours Faithfully,The Ancestral Atlas Team"

That's a fairly impressive response to the complaints of users and testers like myself. I appreciate it. I'll have to go back in and see how much easier it is to use.

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penTip said...

I have Ancestry trees & a current acct. I also have Family Tree Maker Deluxe, 2011, which I haven't used. I'd like to use the maps in FTM, but I'm not sure how they interact--can't seem to use my Ancestry id & pw to access FTM. Any current info about security, usability, etc. of Ancestral Atlas? Suggestions? Thanks!