Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project Management at LiveRoots.com - Post 1

I am deeply involved in a number of my own research projects, and often work on projects for friends and society colleagues. I need a good genealogy research project management system. I have Bill Dollarhide's book Managing a Genealogical Research Project book hiding in my stacks...and haven't read it for years.

In all of the hubbub about the SCGS Jamboree in June, I missed the LiveRoots press release about Live Roots Search Experience, Release Two which highlighted the new Project Management features at http://www.liveroots.com/.

I met Illya D'Addezio at the Jamboree and enjoyed our conversations. I was embarrassed that I had not heard of his project management system, but I promised to try it out. I did that three weeks ago, got busy on other things, and today revisited my work. I thought I would share my findings and thoughts with my readers:

First, please go to http://www.liveroots.com/ and read the About page. You need to sign up for a Team Roots account, which is free for a basic account. I did.

After I signed in to my account, this screen appeared:

In order to use the Project Management system, I clicked on the "Manage" link. An introductory page gave some preliminary information:

There was a link to the Managing your Genealogical Projects at Live Roots page which is shown below:

This page provides a good summary of all of the features of the Project Management system. I decided to start a new project so I clicked on the "Click here to get started" link, and was in the "Research Project Editor." I entered a name for my research project, decided to keep it Private for now, and then was ready to start:

On the screen above, I clicked on the "Manage" link and saw my "Research Project" page:

I decided to do a Search for my Lanphear/Lanfear surname, so I clicked on "Search" and entered "Lanphear" In the Keyword or Surname Search field:

The results are provided in groups - Subscription Data (in GenealogyToday results), Resource Results (from other onlnie resources) and Project Results (if anybody else is working this surname):

The Subscription Data search shows quite a few matches, so I clicked on the "Lanphear Surname" link and received this list of databases on www.GenealogyToday.com containing the name:

Back on the Search Results screen, I clicked on the first entry in the Resource Results list and saw:

This provides a link to the book on http://www.ancestry.com/. If I had a subscription to Ancestry, I could click on the link and review the book.

I have only started my Project Management work. In the next post, I'll go a bit further with the system.

Are any readers familiar with any other online Project Management system that might be useful to genealogy researchers?


Unknown said...

Hi Randy,
Why not get the subscription? It is only $33/year. I found much more information that is reserved for subscribers.
Happy Dae·

September said...

Thanks, Randy! This looks like it could be a great help!