Monday, September 28, 2009

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I had the privilege of meeting Dallan Quass, the creator of, the largest genealogy wiki available to date, at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Little Rock. I also attended one of his two presentations also to obtain more information about how to use

Dallan's recent WeRelate Blog post alerted me to the Tutorial page on the WeRelate site here. There are a number of video and text tutorials on this page, with six of the videos being newly released. Here is the list of tutorials available at this time:

Video tutorials


What is WeRelate? (5:20) - what is and why should you care? (new)
Tour of WeRelate (8:00) - a quick helicopter ride around WeRelate
Why share your genealogy? (5:12) - five reasons to share your genealogy with others (new)
Why share your genealogy on (7:15) - nine reasons to share your genealogy on (new)

Getting started

Part 1 (6:01) - wiki etiquette, page-oriented genealogy, and search (new)
Part 2 (7:02) - creating and editing pages (new)
Part 3 (9:39) - import a gedcom, get around, connect with others, joint projects, and ask questions (new)


Pedigree maps (4:45) - pedigrees, maps, and timelines!
Older a bit out of date, but you may still find them useful
Navigating WeRelate (5:00) - using the menus, searching, and editing pages
Basic concepts (2:56) - pages, titles, namespaces, and index numbers
Creating a person page (4:27) - demonstration
Creating a family page (4:45) - demonstration

Text tutorials

Entering your first family on WeRelate - Includes screen shots
Family Tree Explorer tutorial - Building and navigating your family tree
Person pages tutorial - Creating person pages and linking supporting sources and images
Family pages tutorial - Creating family pages and linking supporting sources and images
Images tutorial - Uploading and annotating images
Research tutorial - Researching names, places, sources, etc.
My Relate tutorial - Creating a profile, user pages, and shared research pages; collaborating with others
101 Ways to use

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Martin said...

I went there and did one search for Isaac Allerton. They give him parents when his origin isn't known. That means I'd be editing 24/7--it's just not worth it.