Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ancestry Magazine articles online

I noticed the Ancestry Magazine notices appearing in my Google news search notices several weeks ago, and I wondered what had changed. When one appeared today, I went and checked out http://www.ancestrymagazine.com/.

They've made it into a blog...so I added it to my Bloglines list so that I wouldn't miss out on anything (I hate to miss out on things!). In the header is a nifty flash graphic that you can click on to see the contents of one, or all, of the available magazines.

The magazine Archives have also been revised - you can see the articles in HTML format (not in the glossy magazine format) by issue. For instance, the Table of Contents, and links to articles, of the current September-October 2009 issue is here. The issues available in this format seem to be:

* November-December 2008
* January-February 2009
* March-April, 2009
* May-June, 2009
* July-August 2009
* September-October 2009

You will need to click on the links to each article on the list for each issue. It looks like most, if not all, of the articles in the September-October 2009 issue have an associated blog post at http://www.ancestrymagazine.com/.

I especially commend for your reading the article Saving the Family Bible by Megan Smolenyak in the September-October 2009 issue. Had a genea-gasm reading it! Classical, and excellent, work finding living people in order to pass an heirloom along.

Enjoy! Thank you, Ancestry Magazine, for putting these useful and interesting articles online.

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Nancy Hurley said...

Thanks for the information on Ancestry magazine. I didn't know about a "genea-gasm" either. Enjoying your blog.
Nancy Hurley