Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Databases on

There are at least three lists of FREE databases on They are:

* Genealogy Buff ( has a list with links here. Some of the items on this list are duplicates - it looks like there are 68 different links at this time.

* Cyndi's List ( has a list with links here. There are 55 databases on this list, including some that are not on the Genealogy Buff list.

* Lorine Schulze's Olive Tree Genealogy ( has a list with links here. She claims over 250 links, but some are duplicates, I think. I think that she has some not on the other two lists.

In some cases, the Free access includes only the Index and the record summary, not the record image. This is the case for the 1880 United States census, and the 1881 England/Wales Census. Of course, if you are an Ancestry paid subscriber you can access the images too.

If someone has another list of FREE Ancestry databases, please let me know.

UPDATED: Lorine commented that her web site has links also - I added it to my list above.

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Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi Randy

I've had a list up on for some time now called "Best Kept Genealogy Secret". It is a list of more than 250 free Ancestry databases