Saturday, December 12, 2009

How can I preserve my family memories?

Today's San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper has an article titled "How can I preserve my family memories?" by Jennifer Davies. The article leads with:

"This time of year, family is always front and center. Instead of fixating on how aggravating they can be, focus instead on how interesting they actually are. Everyone has a story, from Grandma who lived through the Great Depression to Uncle Franklin who served in the Vietnam War."

In the article, she lists a number of local and national web sites to help persons and families perform this task. They include:

*, a San Diego company that does video oral histories by Bridget Poizner

*, a San Diego company that rents equipment

*, the national StoryCorps organization has equipment to rent

*, a San Diego program where residents can make a three to five minute video for free

The article also mentions the "Do-it-yourself" guide at

This is an excellent article with good advice on how to capture your family stories.

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