Friday, February 12, 2010

Follow Friday - Anglo-Celtic Connections

On Follow Friday, I've been highlighting genealogy bloggers that I read and appreciate for their writing skills, research skills, and blogging consistency (meaning that they blog regularly).

Today's Follow Friday blog is Anglo-Celtic Connections, written by John D. Reid of Ottawa, Canada:

John's blog description says:

"Family history, related news and independent views with a British-Canadian perspective, from Ottawa, Canada's Capital for more than 150 years."

John provides complete coverage of genealogy news for Canada and the British Isles, and often provides helpful leads to online resources and databases that have escaped my attention.
He also speaks to societies and conferences - see his list of presentations at My presentations portfolio.

If you want to know all about Canadian and British Isles genealogy news, add Anglo-Celtic Connections to your RSS reader of Bloglines, or subscribe to his blog via email.

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