Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Friday - Genealogy Education

It's Follow Friday - and time to reveal another of my favorite blogs. Today, it's Ken Aitken's Genealogy Education blog.

My guess is that no one reads the Genealogy Education blog on a regular basis. There's a good reason for this - Ken died three years ago on 21 April 2007.

I started reading Ken's blog in 2005, and we carried on an excellent conversation on his blog and via email until his hospitalization and death.

I posted this yesterday in my Genea-Musings is 4 years old today post:

"I want to give credit to one of my blogging mentors - the late Ken Aitken who wrote the excellent
Genealogy Education blog until shortly before his death in April 2007. Ken was a wonderful example of a genealogy blogger - a teacher, a writer, an encourager, a helper, a sharer - everything that many of my genea-blogging colleagues have or will become. I miss Ken terribly. Thankfully, his blog is still online. If you have a free hour, please go read some of Ken's work. It is because of Ken's encouragement and ideas that the Transitional Genealogy Forum discussion group and mailing list started, and from that the Professional Genealogy Study Group was started. Many genealogists and bloggers owe Ken Aitken their appreciation and gratitude for his efforts."

I, and the entire genealogy community, really miss Ken Aitken.

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