Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recent Additions to FamilySearch Record Search - March 2010

I really appreciate the effort by Paul Nauta and the FamilySearch Indexing effort to keep genealogy bloggers informed about the databases recently started, in work or completed. Like many other genea-bloggers, I receive an email from Paul several times a month. I haven't posted them on my blog because other bloggers do it - see Renee Zamora's recent blog post, or Dick Eastman's.

All of the current projects in work on the FamilySearch Indexing Project are listed on the Current Projects page and the Partner Projects page. However, these lists do not show the completion percentage - you have to get that from the monthly reports sent out by Paul.

It often takes a month or two for the items shown as "Recently Completed Projects" in the monthly reports to come online to the FamilySearch Record Search Pilot listing of available databases. For instance, the last email noted these projects were recently completed:

* France, Quimper et Leon—Registres Paroissiaux, 1772–1909 [Part A]
* Deutschland, Baden, AchernKirchenb├╝cher, 1810–1869 [Part A]
* Mexico, DFRegistros Parroquiales, 1898–1933 [Parte 3]
* U.K., Bristol—Parish Registers, 1837–1900 [Part B]
* U.S., Massachusetts—1910 Federal Census
* U.S., Michigan—1910 Federal Census
* U.S., Minnesota—1910 Federal Census
* U.S., Nebraska—1910 Federal Census
* U.S., South Dakota—1945 State Census [Part A]

However, none of them are yet on the list of available projects that can be searched and/or browsed.

What would be of the most interest and help to me, and many other researchers, would be the list of databases recently added to the RecordSearch available collections. For instance, the page currently highlights these collections as being "new or updated:"

* Florida State Census, 1885 (search or browse)

* United States Census, 1920 (98% completed, search only, no images)

* Mexico Civil Registration (Tlaxcala only, no search, browse images only)

* Norfolk, Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1900 (complete?, no search, browse images only)

* Spain, Catholic Church Records (six provinces, no search, browse images only)

* Netherlands, Gelderland Province Civil Registration, 1811-1950 (complete?, no search, browse images only)

* Netherlands, Zuid-Holland Province Civil Registration, 1811-1942 (complete?, no search, browse images only)

* Argentina Catholic Church Records (six provinces, no search, browse images only)

* Puerto Rico Civil Registration, 1836-1901 (complete?, no search, browse images only)

* South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-1973 (complete? no search, browse images only)

I look forward every month to the new list of online databases - and can hardly wait to try some of them out. Hopefully, Somerset and Wiltshire Parish Registers will be put into the pipeline in the future. I appreciate the heads-up from Paul Nauta about "what's coming." It certainly raises my expectations!

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