Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GeneaBlogger Meetup in Sydney

My Facebook friends, and readers of Schelly Talalay Dardashti's blog, Tracing the Tribe, know that there was a very short geneablogger meetup in Sydney, Australia on March 20th.

I was posting my Down Under vacation highlights on Facebook every day, and Schelly noted that we were in Sydney. Schelly was there visiting her cousins, Bob and Di, saw my Facebook note, and commented on it, asking if we could get together. I commented back that we were at the Hotel Mercure and just as I returned to the room, Schelly was on the phone. We quickly agreed to meet at the ferry terminal in Sydney for a trip to Manly Beach on Saturday morning.

Here is Linda, Di, Schelly, and Bob in front of the Manly wharf terminal:

We had fish and chips in a small take-out restaurant:

Di, Schelly and I walked over to the beach while Bob and Linda went shopping. Di snapped this picture of the geneabloggers at the beach (sort of out of our element?):

I wish I had a photo of us smiling...because we did a lot of smiling and laughing and carrying on, as geneabloggers do when they get together. I think we talked about genealogy for the whole ferry trip over and back (about 30 minutes), missing the beautiful scenery along Sydney Harbour. We also talked all the way through lunch. It was only two plus hours, but it was a fun two plus hours!

I made two videos of Schelly using my Flip video camera but the files are too large to post here. I'll try to put one on Facebook and provide a link later.
Thank you to Schelly, Bob and Di for a wonderful, but too short, time. We got to see a friend, make some new friends, talk some genealogy (were YOUR ears burning?) and visit a beautiful beach.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I love it! Half way around the world, and you were laughing and sharing together. Priceless!

Unknown said...

Can't even imagine how much fun this must have been! Great for all of you!


We had a great time! We need to do a gen conference at Manly!!! Randy kept saying if this is Manly, where is Womanly?


Terri O'Connell said...

I am passing on the Ancestor Approved Award to you. You can pick your award up at http://wp.me/pugQZ-dY

M. Diane Rogers said...

No vacation could be complete without some genealogy, Randy! And what a beautiful place for it.