Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Learn from Experts" Articles on

I've been browsing through the website (a subscription site with some searchable databases and an online family tree collection) recently, and came upon the FREE "Learn from Experts" set of articles on various genealogy subjects.

The "Learn from Experts" page is at The most recent articles are:

* Homestead Records: A Glimpse Into Your Ancestor’s Past by Bobbi King

* How To Identify A Photograph Without Looking At The Picture by Colleen Fitzpatrick

* Family Reunion Sense and Sensibility by Maureen Taylor

* Five Strategies For Finding Forgotten Females by Lisa Alzo

* Volunteer Projects Help Family Historians by Sherri Bradley

* Genealogy Resources At The Public Library by Amy Coffin

* Mobile Ancestors: Why They Moved And How To Find Them by Diane Richard

There are currently 33 articles in this series - you can find links to all of them on

Disclosure: I have not written for, nor have I been paid by for any blog post. I am currently a subscriber to through my NGS membership.

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