Friday, July 9, 2010

Follow Friday - Greta's Genealogy Bog

It's Follow Friday - and my choice this week is Greta's Genealogy Bog blog, written by Greta Koehl, who lives in northern Virginia. [I would post an image of the blog page, but Blogger is acting up for me this morning.]

Greta's blog description is:

"A place to share information on the families and areas we are researching, tips on useful research techniques, tools, and websites, and the joys, problems, and pitfalls of family research."

Her "About Me" section says:

"After spending my formative years paying no heed to all the family stories, I got hooked on genealogy later in life and am now trying to catch up. My husband and I had long ago developed an interest in graveyards and have enjoyed visiting them while on vacation. I have started two Graveyard Rabbit blogs as a way, in addition to my participation in Findagrave, to help make information to other people who are researching their family history. "

Greta participates in several of the weekly blog memes, and posts about her own research frequently. The posts that I like best are her Follow Friday posts - Greta highlights one blog, lists her favorite genealogy blog posts for the past week, and then lists the new blogs that she is following. This is a wonderful use of the Follow Friday meme!

Why did Greta name her blog "Greta's Genealogy Bog?" You'll have to ask her - I can't find the explanatory post now!

I encourage my readers to add Greta's Genealogy Bog to their blog readers and enjoy Greta's posts.

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