Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Paul G. Lind (1974-2005)

I ran out of photographs of my ancestors gravestones several months ago, so I'm occasionally posting photos gleaned from "other sources" - many of them are humorous or really different.

Here is one that is really creative and different:

Paul G. Lind (born 2 February 1974, died 29 March 2005) is commemorated with a Scrabble board with descriptive words.

Where is this stone located? It was easily found on www.FindAGrave.com in Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

Below Paul Lind's name is the inscription "Ebbighausen" - I wonder what this means? Is it a birth name?


Patti Browning said...

THAT is an AWESOME tombstone! Thanks for posting it.

Heather Christian said...

This is weird- I was looking for one of his relative and it took me to his grave. Paul was my fiance. I designed and my dad built this grave. He was a big time scrabble fantatic. I never was able to beat him on one-on-one. Paul's legal last name was Ebbighausen, but he had recently been getting into geneology. Ebbighausen was the last name of his step-grandfather, and passed to his father. His biological father was Albert Lind. thank you SOOOOO much for your interest. It really makes my day to know that Pauly is getting the recognition that he deserved.
Heather Christian

ChuckC said...

Hi Heather... glad you posted here. Some friends of mine were looking at this tombstone, and noted that there are 2 letters missing in the Scrabble board... the "b" in football, and the 2nd "L" in loveable. Was that intentional? Some scrabble players looking for extra points here. Thanks!

51265126 said...

Blank letters?

Heather Christian said...

Yes- they were the blank tiles. Also, I dint not use ALL the tiles that would have been in the game. But the number of each letter tile on the game-board part is accurate except for an extra "s" for son.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to him so young. Tragic just starting out.