Monday, August 9, 2010

Check Out

I saw a tweet this afternoon about the website, so thought I would take a look. Here's the colorful home page:

What struck my eye was the word "FREE" in the middle of the page. The top of the page says:

" is dedicated to assisting people with their British family history research.

"Everything here is FREE!"

There are link further down the page for "Resources" - the first page looks like this:

There are links to descriptions of the different types of genealogy resources that can be used to identify and research British ancestors.

The second major link is to the Forums - there are hundreds of topics organized by major topic, and thousands of threads and posts:

The links in the left-hand sidebar take you a number of different pages. One that interested me was the Beginner's Guide page, shown here:

This site seems to be mainly an educational and collaboration website. You can learn about resources, methods of analysis, and also have conversations on the forums about different topics or specific family research problems. All-in-all, it looks like a good site to put into the UK-Ireland Favorites for when you need it.

And it's one of the prettier and vibrant-looking genealogy websites, don't you think?

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Debbie said...

The British Genealogy site might be free but it is currently of little value. The posts are censored. The site is run by a commercial company who are paranoid about allowing links to any other commercial websites. Words such as are therefore banned. You are not even allowed to post links to personal genealogy websites. The idea is you stay on their website and buy their products. If anyone is interested in contacting other researchers in the UK they will be much better off using the free Rootsweb county mailing lists

or the free Rootschat boards

neither of which have the same restrictions.