Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Henry Smith (1680-1743) of Medfield MA

Marina Pierre-Louis on her The Symbolic Past blog posted a photograph of the gravestone of Henry Smith, who died in 1743, yesterday. 

Henry Smith (1680-1743) is buried in Vine Lake Cemetery in Medfield, Massachusetts.  His stone is fairly rough-hewned and carved crudely, but it's still standing! 

Here is the stone - thank you, Marian for the permission to use it:

The gravestone reads (thank you Marian, again!):

"Here lies

ye body of Mr Henry
smith Dec[eased] Ap
ril 14 1743"

If you have early Medfield ancestors (and I have a bunch!), you should check Marian's blog to see if she's photographed and posted the gravestone of your ancestor yet.

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