Friday, October 1, 2010

UVPAFUG Presentations

The Utah Valley PAF User's Group (UVPAFUG) has monthly meetings in Provo, Utah, and has an archive of some of the presentation handouts and some of the PowerPoint presentations in PDF format. 

The Presentations page is at and is up-to-date.  Some of the more interesting (to me!) presentations in 2010 have been:
There are earlier presentations available in handout or PowerPoint format. 
Not every presentation has a handout or presentation provided.  However, most of the programs listed since 2007 have a DVD available for a small cost to LDS church members here
Some of the presentations available concern LDS church activities related to genealogy and family history, but the more general presentations are interesting and useful to researchers like me that are curious about FamilySearch projects and genealogy research in general. 

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Suemax said...

Randy, you mentioned that the DVDs are available for a small cost to LDS church members here. Let me clarify that those able to purchase the CD/DVDs are those who are members of the UVPAFUG, whether they are LDS or not.

Anyone can become a member for a small annual fee. Members also receive an 8-page monthly newsletter that can be received either by mail or by email. The amount of the annual fee is based on whether you want the mailed copy of the newsletter OR just the emailed version.