Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Day Research at the FHL

I've had a fairly full day doing research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City today.

I've accomplished these feats of genealogical research wizardry (or not...) today:

*  Found marriage record in 1840 for Alexander Whittle and Rachel Morley in Bolton-le-Moors Parish Registers on microfilm.

*  Found baptism record for Elizabeth Morley, illegitimate daughter of Jane Morley, in 1839 in Bolton-le-Moors Parish Register.

*  Found burial record for Jane (Haslam) (Bury) Morley in 1834 in Bolton-le-Moors parish register.

*  Found marriage record for Jane Haslam to Robert Bury in 1801 and to Thomas Morley in 1806 in Bolton-le-Moors parish register.

* Did not find burial record for Alexander Whittle in 1855, or Margaret Whittle in 1854, in Chorley Parish Register.  They are listed in Civil Registration as dying in Chorley but there is no parish record.

*  Checked out the Bolton-le-Moors Churchwarden's accounts, but didn't see anything relating to Morley's or Whittles. 

* Found and copied British damage claims to the William Cutter family and Samuel fitz Randolph family in New Jersey after Revolutionary War.

*  Searched for, and did not find, an estate case file for Samuel or Mary Ann Vaux in Marshall County, Kansas in 1880 to 1890 time period.  Wonder if there is one in another nearby county?

*  Searched for, and did not find, a listing for Samuel Vaux in the Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kansas abstracts of town lots, 1870-1995. Samuel was in Blue Rapids in the 1880 US Census.

*  Searched for, and did not find, Donna P's Jan Pater in an obscure Polish village birth records (she gave me the film number, and told me what to look for, and I did it).

*  Managed to get tens of feet of microfilm on the floor and desktop when I mounted a film the wrong way in the microfilm scanner machine.  Claire came by at that moment to say hello, and I said "help."  I stopped the machine by closing out the program, and the staff helped me rewind the film, mount it correctly, and give me instructions on how to correctly obtain the image and scan it to my flash drive.  Embarrassing. 

For lunch, I went over to the Joseph Smith Building and met Michael and Jimmy for lunch, and a short meeting - thank you, guys!  That was fun.

For dinner, I went to JB's on the corner and had a quick Yankee Pot Roast dinner in the corner by myself.  It was great to sit quietly and think. 

I'm back in the library at 7 PM and ready to go hunt Whittles in the California Gold Country. 

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Donna said...

Just saw this now, Randy. Thanks for looking! I can cross that one off my list. Not really that "obscure" - actually a decent size town! LOL. I'm glad you had some success with your own research and I really appreciate you taking the time to look.