Friday, November 5, 2010

New "Digging for Answers" Column in Online Graveyard Rabbit Journal

Gale Wale has posted my latest "Digging for Answers" column in the current Online Graveyard Rabbit Journal.  The question asked was:

"Why are bodies buried facing certain directions (east-west, north-south, etc.), or in certain attitudes (head up, head down, etc.)?"

Read the answer in the column.  Did you already know the answer?

If you have questions concerning cemeteries and burials, please ask!  Contact Gale Wall through

The current edition of the Online Graveyard Rabbit Journal includes columns on:

A Rabbit's Review 10/28/2010 -- "Pioneer Cemeteries Sculpture Gardens of the Old West, By Annette Stott,"  written by LisaMary Wichowski.

*  International Rabbit 10/21/2010 -- "Rented Graves," written by Hank Van Kampen.

A Rabbit's Tale 10/14/2010 -- "Random Acts in the Cemetery," written by Joe Whitfield

Photo Monument 10/7/2010 -- "Memento Mori," written by Gale Wall

Tech T.I.P. 9/30/2010 -- "Create a Cemetery Virtual Tour," written by Denise Barrett Olson

The History Hare - 9/23/2010 -- "Unearthing a Cemetery History," written by footnoteMaven.

Graveyard Guru 9/16/2010 -- The Many Symbols [of] Freemasonry," written by Stephanie Lincecum

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